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Cassette tape production with printing? Printmasta provides a wide range of services related to production, copying, and packing CDs/DVDs, as well as cassette tapes. Poland, and Warsaw specifically, is the company’s seat, but all clients from European Union can place orders at Printmasta. High-quality products, attractive low prices and quick shipment constitute a short characteristic of Printmasta’s operations. The company uses state-of-art solutions, such as digital printing and digipak packaging. With retro style enthusiasts in mind, Printmasta experts extended the offer with cassette tape copying and production services. You can just send audio, and the team will make sure that the recording is clear and correct. Printmasta produces cassette tapes in wholesale and retail numbers. The cassette tape can be fully personalized. The client is the one who decides on the imprint or even the colour of tape’s coating. What is more, the company also produces LP disc packages. CD/DVD and cassette tape production with Printmasta! Check it for more at webpage

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