Trying to Understand Caron Lookbook

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Trying to Understand Caron Lookbook

Postby Saltrams » Wed Apr 25, 2018 4:13 pm

Hello Everyone.
I'm learning to crochet - Yay! :thumbup:
I want to start small & I found a great little scarf in a Caron Lookbook. What is a Lookbook? I have no idea & the trouble is I can't understand how it works. The book is a free PDF, which I have downloaded. It shows some patterns and there is a "pattern information" page but there aren't actually any patterns in it. I can't understand the purpose - it doesn't show anywhere to buy these patterns either so it isn't a promotional thing. I can't make any sense of it, is anyone familiar please?
I have put red ticks to show the pattern I want and where there shows pattern info. :help: Thank you so much for reading!

The Front Cover

Contents (allegedly)

The pattern I want to make

The page of pattern information (not)

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