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We have received 15 GBP in donations. Our goal is to raise 80 GBP.

Please make a donation to support this site and help us with the hosting costs.

While this forum will always be free to use, running it is unfortunately not. We cover a part of the hosting and maintenance costs through advertisement, but this doesn't quite cover everything.

We will never charge a fee to use the forum or its features, but if you are a regular user and you feel like (and can afford to) contributing, we are always grateful! Please note that we'd rather only accept a donation from people who can spare the pennies and that there is no risk of the forum going down. We'll keep it going either way!

After receiving your donation, we will add you to the Supporters group, which comes with a larger inbox for storing your private messages. In addition, Supporters can upload an unlimited amount of photos to an unlimited amount of subalbums to the Phoenix Knitters Gallery, rather than being limited to 50 photos. Please note it may take us a few days to get this sorted, don't worry as we will get to it as soon as we can!

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