Need help to understand crochet pattern instructions

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Need help to understand crochet pattern instructions

Postby Matilda11 » Thu Nov 05, 2015 8:56 pm

Hello everyone,

I have recently started to crochet for the very first time, I'm getting on ok but I need a bit of help with the next few steps.

The pattern says 
Rnds 8-12 Dc. (5 rnds).
Rnd 13 Dc30, (dc4, dc2tog) 3 times. (45)

Am I correct in thinking for rounds 8 to 12 that I continue from round 7 which has 48 stitches and just make 5 rounds of double crochet each round with 48 dc stitches?

Please correct me if I am wrong.

Also I'm completely stuck on round 13 instructions, help in plain English will be much appreciated.

Apologies if I appear daft but as I said this is the first time I've ever attempted crochet, so you'll probably find me on here again at some point asking for more help! 

Thanks in advance     


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Re: Need help to understand crochet pattern instructions

Postby Aisles » Thu Nov 05, 2015 10:08 pm

round 8 you do one double crochet into the top of each double crochet of your previous round. If you had 48 crochet stitches in your previous round 7 then you'll have that many when you've finished round 8

You do the same for round 9 1 double crochet into the top of each single crochet from the previous round 8

You repeat this for round 9 and again for rounds 10, 11 and 12

Then you come to round 13 which is a decreasing round where you decrease 3 crochet stitches.

You do start off the same as the previous round but only for 30 double crochet which will not complete your round now do 4 double crochets then you'll do 2 double crochet together. This makes 2 double crochet into a single double crochet so basically you have decreased 1 double crochet. (at this point you'll need to look at the key on your pattern to see how to do 2 double crochets together.)

Now you repeat the bit in the brackets a second time ie do 4 double crochets then 2 double crochet together. Repeat it a 3rd time do 4 double crochets then 2 double crochet together. Now for the next round you'll only have 45 double crochets rather than 48double crochets to crochet into.

I can tell you how to do your double crochet together but I need to know does your pattern use UK crochet stitching terms or USA crochet stitching terms. As a double crochet in USA terms is a treble crochet in UK terms.

Bacially you start your double crochet into the top of the crochet stitch from your previous round but you don't finish it but start your second double crochet in the top of your next crochet stitch and then finish the two stitches on your hook as one.
Hope this helps

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