Lace pattern scarf

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Lace pattern scarf

Postby russkispy » Thu Jan 19, 2012 10:53 am

I've only just started learning how to knit. And I knit continental style.
I've completed my first zig zag scarf. And now I'm knitting a lace scarf which I found in a magazine but the scarf is only designed to cast on 22 stitches and when I've tried to make it wider, my whole pattern got messy. So I've stuck with 22 stitches and the pattern looks very nice. I finish and start the pattern with K2. Does that mean my pattern is made out of 18 stitches in this case?
And when I'll pick up another lace pattern scarf and want to make it wider than 22 or 26 stitches, how many stitches I will then need to cast on in order to get a wider scarf? Hope it makes sense
Hope somebody can shed the light on my "mystery".
No doubt I'll have more questions in future.
Thank you so much


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Re: Lace pattern scarf

Postby Rainey » Fri Jan 20, 2012 11:46 am

Hi Russki and welcome to the forum.

The lace scarf you are making will have 'pattern repeats' without seeing the pattern I cannot say how many stitches are in a repeat to make the 18 stitches. There may be 18 stitches to the repeat or there could be 9 stitches repeated twice, six stitches repeated 3 times, 3 stitches repeated 6 times etc.

You can increase the width of the scarf by adding more pattern repeats, so yes, you could cast on 40 stitches - 2 X 18 plus the 4 for the K2 at the beginning and end of each row to make it twice the width it is at the moment, or if the pattern is repeated within the 18 stitches you can cast on multiples of the repeat.

I hope this makes sense!

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