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READ: Forum-Wide Rules.
Members should post in a way that is respectful of other users. Flaming or abusing users in any way will not be tolerated and will lead to a ban.
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Postby KateB » Sat Feb 12, 2011 11:55 am

Conduct to Each Other
Very simply: play nice! Remember that everyone on here is a real person and your behaviour towards them should be as if you were sitting in the same room with them. It’s fine to have different opinions than one another (it would be a very boring world if everyone thought the same!), but disagreements should remain about the subject discussed and not include personal attacks against a person.

Racist, homophobic, sexist or otherwise derogatory language is strictly prohibited.

If someone takes the time to answer your request for help, remember to thank them.

If you believe a post breaches the forum rules, you can alert a moderator by clicking on the “!” symbol on any post to report it.

Posting on the Forum
The search function is very useful in finding other posts on a topic you want to start a thread about. You may find that your question has already been answered.

Please do not “bump” posts (by literally posting the word “bump”) that have remained inactive for some time. Threads have a natural life of their own and will be restarted if the topic is needed.

Posts that contain only smilies will be deleted as they contribute nothing to a thread.

Please do not post on the forum requesting or offering copies of patterns, whether they are from books, magazines, pdf files or original patterns that you own, as this is a breach of copyright unless you are the designer of the pattern.

Avatars should be no larger than 100 x 100 pixels, otherwise they will not be accepted.

Do not post anything on the forum that flashes, e.g. a flashing image, as these can cause problems for anyone with photosensitive epilepsy or migraine.

Please do not post requests for people to knit items for you - unless you understand the vast amount of time and skill which goes into knitting and are willing to compensate people accordingly!

Items for Sale
Forum members with over 50 posts who have been a member for at least a month may post items for sale. These sections are for regular forum members only to sell unwanted items from their stash. It may not be used to link to eBay or other off-site sales. Anyone who is believed to only be using the forum to sell will have their posts removed and be requested to take a more active part in the forum before using the sale sections.

Keeping The Forum Tidy
Threads will be moved, locked or merged together when necessary to keep posts on the same subject together for ease of use. Please try to start new posts in the correct section of the forum.

Thread titles should reflect the contents of the thread, particularly for posts requesting help. For example a thread entitled “How do I cast off?” tells everyone much more than a post entitled “I can’t do it! Argh!” Threads that are considered to have titles which are misleading or vague (e.g. “I’ve got a new…”, “Free chocolate if you click on this thread!” or “Wow!”) will be edited for clarity.

Please keep your signature to three lines or less, including spaces, or one countdown ticker.

Forum members with over 100 posts who have been a member for at least a month may post about their business in the Shops section of the forum. Forum members should not use this section for customer service queries (see naming and shaming below).

No spamming of the forum. You may link to a blog or website in your signature, but do not make any post on any part of the forum where all you post is a link to a commercial website.

Naming and Shaming
Please do not use this forum for customer service. Your first port of call should ALWAYS be the company you ordered from if you have ANY query about your order, for example, how long it will take to arrive, stock availability, etc.

If you are having problems with a particular company and you believe you have exhausted all available ways of contacting them without a satisfactory result, then you may post on here to see if another forum member can help you contact them. Please however keep your posts factual and do not include personal remarks. In addition, do not start threads purely to criticise an online business that you have had dealings with in the past, however you may feel towards them.

If you are considering ordering from a company that you have not ordered from before, you may post a query about them. All responses (positive and negative!) must be honest and factual, e.g. I ordered 3 balls of Fluffy DK from Yarny Yarn Shop. It took 27 weeks to arrive when it arrived it was wrapped in an old newspaper” rather than just “Yarny Yarn Shop are rubbish” which isn’t constructive or helpful to someone wondering whether to use a company!

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