A little terrified

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A little terrified

Postby TLDonnelly » Fri Apr 01, 2011 1:12 pm

I found this amazing site with awesome colours that I was to use.

However, as it is Hand-dyed Silk Fiber I'd have to turn it into workable yarn to make anything with and this slightly terrifies me. i have never done this and I'm worried that I'll lose the awesome colours in my "attempt" at learning to spin.

Anyone have any suggestions ? I looked up some videos that seem really helpful but maybe I should learn to spin with a plain coloured fiber before venturing further into the unknown?

I'm slowly getting sucked into the do-it-yourself instead of buy it from the LYS. Going to have a shot at dying my own soon and that's scary enough!! But looks like soooo much fun

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Re: A little terrified

Postby Blackdog » Fri Apr 01, 2011 5:30 pm

I certainly would never suggest a new spinner starts with silk it's a very hard fibre to spin by itself, much too slippery. In fact even experienced spinners like to spin silk in with wool to make it easier.

You should try spinning some plain undyed tops first, Shetland, Corriedale & Falkland are all good for a beginner to start practising with. I know the pretty colours are very tempting but I think TBH that you would end up with an awful lot of grief & frustration for your money. Better to start simple & then get good enough to make your purchase into some really beautiful yarn.

Perhaps buy the silk to give you an impetus to get to the final lovely yarn, but leave it to gaze on until you're really confident enough to tackle it.
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Re: A little terrified

Postby Fluzz » Sun Apr 03, 2011 10:00 am

I've spun silk blended into merino and have some thoughts that I shall share with you :)

Silk behaves differently to wool, sometimes it slides through easily and other times it can form a little lump that snowballs.

Unless you have perfectly smooth skin (no tiny scabs, no little flakey bits) it's just hard work! I have eczema and it catches on all the little skin tags.

But, on the positive side: it's stronger than wool, shinier, and takes dye Beautifully! Definitely worth trying once you've got the hang :)
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Re: A little terrified

Postby sezo » Fri Apr 15, 2011 8:12 am

I bought some silk hankies from wonderwool... and silk is really difficult. It doesnt spin like wool does at all.
And my hands are typical nurses hands, which the silk loves to get caught up in, which is something I never expected from playing with silk.

But having said all that and all the swearing involved in spinning it, the lustre of silk is gorgeous and all the talk about staple length and crimp etc really seems to make sense when you work with something really different to wool. I feel like I've learnt a lot about fibres and what I need to do to spin them just from trying something different. So that was awesome to learn!

But I would really recommend working with silk + merino, that is just butter to spin and absolutely gorgeous draped yarn.

I am trying to experiment with different fibres. If you really want to, may I suggest you pick some silk hankies to try? or you can buy little samples of silk tops from Winghams for £1 if you give them a call (you cant order samples directly from their website sadly, but the samples are a brilliant way to experiment!).

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