Hello - and help please

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Hello - and help please

Postby Dillon143 » Tue Sep 04, 2018 5:50 pm

Hello everyone,

I have just picked up my knitting needles after a break of around 25 years+ ! I used to like knitting big mohair jumpers back in the 1980s, but also did a lot of intarsia and fair isle. I seem to have an attic containing several half finished jumpers - some of which would definitely be a little bit snug now and the usual stash of lovely wools.

I decided to start with a very quick knit - a string of birds from Carol Meldrum's 30 minute knit book and can't believe that I am stuck already when it comes to shaping the head. I seem to have forgotten a few things.... I hope someone can help.

18 stitches currently on needle:

row 1 - K7, yo, slip next stitch, yarn back, turn
row 2 - Sl1, P5, yarn back, Sl1, yo, turn,
row 3 - Sl1, K4, yo, slip next stitch, yarn back, turn
row 4 - Sl1, P4, yarn back, Sl1, yo turn
row 5 - Sl1, K2, yo, slip next stitch, yarn back, turn.
etc etc

So the stitches are decreasing, but I cannot see for the life of me how. I did row 1 and ended up with 8 on the needle - the 7 knitted + 1 slipped. I am not sure how yarn back works before a turn either - yarn is already back surely???

Any ideas please?

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Re: Hello - and help please

Postby Joy » Tue Sep 04, 2018 9:30 pm

It looks like you're doing "short rows" not decreasing. And your YO isn't actually a stitch. It is a technique called wrap and turn

I'll try to explain
K7 YO so now your yarn will actually be at the front,
slip next st so having slipped a stitch, if you were to knit the following stitch you would automatically bring your yarn back over the needle into the correct position to knit it. However ... because next instruction is
yarn back, turn
You will be bringing your yarn in front of the slipped stitch and under the needle NOT over the needle. So your yarn is now at the back.
Ignore the remaining stitches on left needle and TURN to do the purl row. And you will see your yarn is in the correct place.
Row 2 slip 1. The stitch you are slipping is the same one you slipped in previous row.

If I haven't explained this clearly there are plenty of YouTube videos. I might be some more instructions later on that talk about picking up the slipped stitches but I can't remember what they'll be without seeing it. And not all patterns are the same.

Good luck, please let me know how it goes.

row 1 - K7, yo, slip next stitch, yarn back, turn
row 2 - Sl1, P5, yarn back, Sl1, yo, turn, 

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Re: Hello - and help please

Postby sweetpea » Fri Sep 07, 2018 6:29 pm

Hi Dillon143 and welcome to the forum. We are a very helpful forum and it is nice to know if members help/advice has been helpful :knit:. What do you like to knit?

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Knitting Gill
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Re: Hello - and help please

Postby Knitting Gill » Fri Sep 14, 2018 12:33 pm

Hi Dillon,

Welcome to the group and welcome back to knitting!

It would be nice to hear how you're getting on with the project you mentioned.


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