Changes to yarn thickness.

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Changes to yarn thickness.

Postby Ldutch » Mon Jul 24, 2017 9:38 pm

Hello everyone

I am new to the forum but have been knitting for about 50 years so consider myself to have quite a lot of experience.
I tend to buy yarn when I see it and it may be some time before I get round to using it. I have built up quite a stash.
I have just finished a cardigan in a super chunky, using a super chunky pattern but, despite buying a couple of extra balls in the first place, I had to go back to my supplier to buy more balls to finish it. I was extremely lucky that I noticed halfway through the 2nd front and ordered some more. The online supplier only had 3 balls left and by sheer coincidence they were the same dye lot and shade number as they had supplied originally. I have been told that, if using different brand from that shown in the pattern, I should work out the yardage/meterage and I normally add the extra ball or 2 just in case but that didn't work this time. The yarn I was using was obviously a lot thicker and didn't come up as expected.

I have now moved on to a new project using a dk yarn with a pattern for that specific yarn. However, the yarn is so thin that it is more like a good old fashioned 4 ply verging on a 3 ply so I am wondering if I will ever get to the end of it before I even start and how much I will have left.

My query is, has anyone else noticed vast discrepancies in yarns which are supposed to be the same thickness? And if so, how have you managed to accurately work out how much yarn to buy?

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