Copies of patterns - PLEASE READ!

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Copies of patterns - PLEASE READ!

Postby KateB » Wed Mar 11, 2009 8:54 am

This is just a reminder that asking for/offering to make photocopies of patterns, or asking people/offering to email patterns is a breach of copyright.

All books and patterns are covered by copyright laws to protect the designer or company that produce them. Designers make their living through producing patterns, and no one is entitled to get the results of their work for free unless they choose to make them free for everyone.

Buying a pattern does not make it yours to do with as you want. You cannot make multiple copies to sell or to give away for free, whether in print or pdf format as an email. Depending on the licensing terms, the garment you create from the pattern may not be sold for profit, unless the pattern states so or you have permission from the designer.

It is fine to make a "working copy" for your own use of a pattern you have bought. For example, if you want to write on it, or if the pattern is in a larger book and you don't want to carry the whole thing about with you.

You are also welcome to sell original patterns and pattern books on the forum once you have finished with them, as long as you do not retain any copies of the contents.

If you would like to share a free pattern, then post a link to the pattern page on the internet, or tell people where they can obtain it.

Library books are covered by different laws with regard to photocopying and you can get more information from your local library.

Please do not post on the forum asking for a copy of a pattern, or offer to make copies of patterns or email them to other forum members. Thank you for your cooperation. :mrgreen:

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