King Cole Aran 3330 decrease for neck shaping

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King Cole Aran 3330 decrease for neck shaping

Postby Camerabag » Tue Apr 05, 2016 7:34 pm

I'm wondering if anyone else has used this pattern and is is just me or is the pattern a bit weird? The pattern includes a long sleeveless waistcoat with a hood, a cardi with a collar and a sweater with a collar. I'm knitting the waistcoat, but I don't want the hood so I'm following the cardi instrucions but just made it longer. Armholes are the same. But the shaping at the front is different - on the waistcoat you have to make room for the hood so it seems to be a sharper decrease. So I'm following the cardi shaping ready for the collar.

Firstly I'm convinced they've got the right and left front sides backwards, because if I'd followed the instructions I'd have been casting off stitches to shape the armhole in the centre of my two front pieces!

But my problem is the front shaping - the pattern has two cables - a six stitch four row twist in the middle, and a ten stitch 12 row twist nearest the edge, separated by three purl and another three purl stitches at the edge.

The instructions seem to want me to purl two together, between the two cable blocks, every 8 rows, reducing by 6 stitches which would eventually remove that cable. But looking at the photo on the front they can't have done that as it continues to the shoulder, the decrease looks like it's on the edge and reduces the ten stitch cable making it a bit narrower.

My instinct is to ignore the pattern and decrease from the edge into the wider cable. There will be a horizontal rib added later. But the ten stitch cable repeats over 12 rows and I've just knitted two rows in to the pattern so it's going to be another 10 rows before the twist! So I can't hide it under the stitches crossing over.

But I just wondered if anyone else has knitted this pattern and what you did? Otherwise, any thoughts?

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Re: King Cole Aran 3330 decrease for neck shaping

Postby darknit » Wed Apr 06, 2016 10:26 am

I haven't knitted this pattern but I have knitted a waistcoat where the decreases are put in the armhole side not the neck side and it worked really well. I would do this if doing this pattern, as there seems to be adequate plain stocking stitch in this area. HTH

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