Top Down Raglan Baby Sweater - big holes in underarms

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Top Down Raglan Baby Sweater - big holes in underarms

Postby swanny » Fri Sep 30, 2016 12:33 pm

Hello all
Relatively new to knitting and stuck on this Carole Barenys pattern, particularly this paragraph:

End of raglan increases:
When there are 56 stitches on the back and 36 on each sleeve, work one more row on reverse side. Then divide off work by working across, binding off the "seam" stitches and putting the sleeves on stitch holders. Continue to work the front pieces and back piece all in one, adding buttonholes at the same intervals. After buttonhole #4, work halfway to next buttonhole, then switch to ribbing on smaller needles (work to correspond to collar) and incorporate the fifth buttonhole in the ribbed cuff. Work a few more rows and bind off in ribbing.

To go into detail (for the purple part of the instruction) I knitted the 5 st border, knitted the 25 st front, bound off 2 seam st (which took my yarn into the first stitch of the sleeve section), put the next 36 sleeve stitches - including the stitch with the yarn coming out of it) onto a stitch holder, then used that same yarn from the stitch holder to carry on and bind off the next 2 seam stitches (that bit felt wrong at the time but after exhausting YouTube felt no other solution available). Knitted 56 back wt, bound of 2 seam st and then did the same as before. Created big holes under arms (trying to attach a picture but method seems to elude me). What should I have done to prevent this as want to knit more of these?

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Re: Top Down Raglan Baby Sweater - big holes in underarms

Postby darknit » Fri Sep 30, 2016 5:16 pm

Hi Swanny and welcome to the forum.

Did you get the pattern from Ravelry? If so it is often very instructive to look at the "Projects" - others who have knitted the same pattern. This can give you insights as to where you be able to cure the problem.

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