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Ball winders? Stitch Counters? Strange contraptions that look alien but allow you to knit four times as fast? Tell us about them all here.
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Question ...

Postby FunkMaster » Tue Sep 20, 2011 7:48 pm

Hello All,

I am not sure what section of the forum to post my question, so took a chance in this section and my sincere apologies if it's incorrect.

My wife has just got into knitting, bought herself some books and 2x #10 needles and some yarn.

Seeing she's enjoying it so much and it's her b-day soon, was thinking of putting a gift bag together ... so since I know nothing about this hobby, any suggestions / links would be helpful.


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Re: Question ...

Postby wifey502 » Tue Sep 20, 2011 8:08 pm

What a thoughtful Hubby you are!
A good basic knitting kit would contain a few commonly used sizes of needle, a row counter, stitch holders, a knitting bag to put everything in and, daft as it sounds, a cookbook stand or something similar to rest patterns on!
If you have a Local Yarn Shop nearby, you could pop in and ask them for some advice and help aswell.
I hope she appreciates the thought you are putting into this gift for her!
Knit one, purl one, drop one, SWEAR ALOT!!!!

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Re: Question ...

Postby Joy » Tue Sep 20, 2011 10:08 pm

oh you have just earned yourself a lot of brownie points, A lot of us use knitpro interchangable needles which we swear by but your wife would have to be open minded to try them to start off with as a lot of conventional knitters are a little warey of them at first. there are several starter sets which may seem expensive at face value but good tools are worth every penny, ... _Sets.html this shop has a good website for online sales i'd also point you towards the clover accessories page ... ories.html for all the stitch markers and holders etc. you don't need to buy everything. a tape measure and some sewing up needles are fairly essential, the rest just makes the job easier. also a nice bag to keep everything in. i would love something like this though it isn't cheap and consequently not essential ... n_scc.html I have some of these baskets to keep by my knitting corner ... skets.html.

and finally you have to give your wife the name of this forum, you'll never be stuck for buyin gpresents for her again, though maybe overwhelmed with choice

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