Wendy Express  [SOLD]

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Wendy Express  [SOLD]

Postby jmt1234 » Wed Nov 20, 2013 10:21 pm

I have rather a lot of Wendy Express finger knitting yarn. there are six colours available and 10 of each colour in 100g hanks. They are Teal, White, Cream, Black, Red and Denim Blue. I bought them as I was going to make some scarves for a local craft fair, but never got around to it!! If anyone is interested I would happily accept 59p per 100 grams. However postage would be quite expensive, I think about £3.45 for 2 skeins as it is quick bulky.All proceeds to a local charity.

I've posted a couple of pictures to give you some idea of what it look likes.

PM me if you're interested. If no response in a couple of weeks I'll take it down to the charity shop.
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