Pattern abbreviations

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Pattern abbreviations

Postby Janniejoanne » Wed Apr 18, 2018 12:32 am

Hi can anyone help me please. I am doing a pattern and have come across piece that has stumped me. In total I currently have 155 stitches (22 6cable then 16 6cable then 16 6cable then 11 6cable 16 6 cable 16 6 cable then 22) and the next section reads as such. Continue in same manner dec 1 st each end of needle on every follow 12th row from previous 5 times more: dec 4 st between cables following 12th row from previous dec 5 times more and shift cable on every following 6th row 125 stitches in total. For the life of me I can't work this one out. Need it in plain English please because the next row after that has me. As the next row has me starting with 26 6 cable etc can understand how I have increased from 22 to 26 as beginning panel as I have been decreasing every 12 down x

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Re: Pattern abbreviations

Postby darknit » Wed Apr 18, 2018 1:06 pm

Hi Janniejoanne

I think I get what they are saying but see what you think.

The aim is to remove 30 stitches. (155-125=30) You will get rid of ten over the next 60 rows. Then you need to get the last 20 to disappear by decreasing between the cables. So after knitting another 12 rows you decrease 4 stitches between the cables (evenly) on the 13th row. Knit another 12 rows and do the same etc until you have 125 sts. Each time, on row 6 of the 12 you will need to adjust the position of the cable one way or the other to even things up.

Hope that helps


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