Tutorial: Using your Phoenix Photo Album

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Tutorial: Using your Phoenix Photo Album

Postby Peter » Sun Jan 17, 2010 9:49 pm

How to use your Phoenix Photo Album

Creating your Album
Creating your personal album could not be easier. Simply visit your User Control Panel, Gallery -> Manage Personal Albums section.

In the middle at the lower right-hand side you will find the button that creates the Album for you. Once this is done, you have a Personal Album called after your username. In my case this is "Peter".

Once your Personal album is created, you have the opportunity to make Subalbums. This is useful if you would like to sort your Photos in different categories. It's very simple to use. If you click on the "Create subalbum" button, you will see the following screen:

Parent Album: If you select an existing Subalbum as Parent, you can create Sub-subalbums to further categorise your Photos.
Album Name: Exactly what it says on the tin. This is what the category will be called in your Personal Album.
Description: A little description explaining what can be found within the Subalbum.

Uploading Photos
You can upload Photos to your album either directly from the User Control Panel in the section where you made your album, or by actually visiting the new Album in the Gallery.

Uploading pictures largely speaks for itself.
File: Simply hit Browse and select the image you would like to upload from your computer.
Rotate: If you have an image which has been taken at a different angle, you can rotate it here so it displays correctly in the Gallery.
Imagename is what the image will be called in your Album, so something short and descriptive is good. E.g. "Peter 1982" or "Afghan Blanket".
Image Description should contain a description of what is shown in the image. This will be visible when someone views the image on its page in the Gallery.
Dimensions: The dimensions are not enforced during uploading, the server will resize the image for you. As long as it doesn't exceed 500kb, the server will do everything for you.
File types: We currently only accept .png and .jpg images as these have the best mix between quality and web-friendlyness.

My Photo is too Large or the wrong File Type
Using a free program such as Paint.Net, you can easily edit a Photo. Once installed, edit your photos with it.

  1. Press CTRL-R (Or Image-Resize) and resize the image to more reasonable dimensions. If your image is larger than 1280*1024 you can make a big difference here. Ensure you maintain the right aspect ratio. The default settings should be fine and you can either use pixels or a percentage when resizing.
  2. When done save the image as a .JPG. When you are asked to select a quality, select 80% as this will reduce the size without changing the image too much.

Once you've done this once or twice, it will only take you a minute to edit your photos for the web.

Sharing Photos
Sharing your Photos could not be easier and the system handles a lot of it for you automatically:
  • People can visit your Photo Album
  • Members can leave comments on individual Photos
  • Members can rate your Photos/Work

When you visit a Photo in the Gallery, under the Photo it will give you the correct BBCode to use if you would like to share the Photo anywhere on the Phoenix Forums.
For example, if you visit 1 the code is:

Code: Select all


The other, longer, piece of code can also be used and is especially useful if you would like to share the image on any other forum. (As the short code will not work outside Phoenix Knitters!)

Subscriptions and Notifications
The Phoenix Gallery is able to send you notifications when people comment on certain Photos. This is turned off by default but some people might find this useful to keep track of everything that's going on. There are a few places to manage this, all of these are found in your User Control Panel.

Gallery -> Personal Settings.
Subscribe own images by default: If set to yes, you are notified when people comment on your Photos.
Subscribe commented images by default: If set to yes, you are notified when people comment on any Photo which you have commented on.
Subscribe favorite images by default: If set to yes, you are notified when people comment on any Photo in your Favorites list.

Gallery -> Manage Subscriptions.
Here you will find a list of all images you are subscribed to. You can subscribe to Photos by using the "subscribe image" option when viewing any Photo in the Gallery.
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