Can pets sense things we arent aware of?

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Re: Can pets sense things we arent aware of?

Postby Bunnyhollow » Mon Mar 11, 2013 6:23 pm

Hi. My dog, Bramble, would know if I were about to have a seizure (I have Epilepsy). He was never taught - just instinct. My friend took him walking down the brook when my legs were bad. Normally she said it was the devil of a job to get him out of the water, but on this occasion, after 5 mins in the water, he stood still, lifted his head, then picked up his football and legged it for home....she had no choice but to follow him! When she arrived home (he was waiting for her), she went indoors and found I'd had a seizure and was unconscious on the floor! Bramble knew....but how, when they were a 10 minute walk away? Dogs have a sense we badly underestimate! - and other animals too, I suspect?! X

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Re: Can pets sense things we arent aware of?

Postby Billie » Mon Mar 11, 2013 9:49 pm

runetracey wrote:I believe they are sensitive to all kinds of things that we arent. My pets, including my current dog always know when I am ill

Yes they can smell illness, there was a thing about dogs on the TV a while ago with Martyn Clunes (of Doc Martin fame). They are using trained Dogs to sniff out some cancers and also for people with diabetes when their sugar levels go low.
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Re: Can pets sense things we arent aware of?

Postby christina-1 » Tue Mar 12, 2013 11:45 am

Sorry for your loss. Cats and dogs are very intuitive, they know. I am sure your cat senses your Grandma there, but don't be freaked out, just say hello.

I was once sitting on the floor listening to music, knees up, arms around my knees, with my big baggy jumper pulled over, when I felt someone lean on my back, put their arms around me and give me a great big squeeze. I just knew it was my Nan (she had died a few weeks prior to this incident).

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