Help Need help finding a magazine,

What mags are must haves? Have you been inspired by a particular article? Post your rants and raves about magazines here.
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Re: Help Need help finding a magazine,

Postby KnittyNorah » Wed Feb 20, 2013 12:06 pm

Swampiesue wrote:Hi Pinkshoes, I have just seen the thread thank you.. the only thing is, I clicked on a link, and have found out it is not a jumper at all but a poncho :oops: How disappointing, I will however get the magazine and maybe give it a go...oh how I wish I was clever enough to turn it into a jumper, it's perfect even down to the bell sleeves ( had they been sleeves of course)....... :(

You could stitch a seam part way across the bottom from the sleeves inwards.. I noticed several garments done like this when I was shopping recently. Apparently quite a fashionable style.

What's up with ponchos? A shawl by any other name..... There are some lovely patterns around ATM. My god daughter and her friends are at me to knit ponchos for them. Not, of course those horrid '70s crochetted ones that we all had.

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